Take a look at the three shortlisted universities delivering their presentations at sportspro live 2023

Sustainability Hackathon
23-25 February 2024

The sports industry is looking towards the triple bottom line as a priority and is in need of fresh talent to contribute to solving the social and ecological issues that face us. SportsPro’s Hackathon is an opportunity for top students from across the world to compete against each other, creating innovative solutions that could help the sports industry drive social, financial and environmental change, whilst also being mentored by the top thought leaders within the industry.

The Hackathon will see students set challenges to enable major events to fulfil the challenge of ensuring business practise is as sustainable as it can be. 

Why The Triple Bottom Line?

The Triple Bottom Line is a framework that will form the basis of the students project. Teams will create solutions designed to make sport more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.


Can your solution ensure that the sports industry becomes a more equitable place for its stakeholders and provides greater social value to its communities?


Can your solution actively reduce sport’s ecological footprint?


Can your solution exhibit economic rewards, whilst also prioritising society and the environment that stakeholders are operating within?

2023 universities:

 Mentors and judges


Katie Cross,



Ellie Roach,

Commercial Account Manager,

InCrowd Sports

B Hunter,

Digital Engagement Lead,

UK Sport

Tristan Niesslein,

Founder & Lead Practitioner,

Niesslein Sustainability Partners

Joao Frigerio,

Founder and CEO,


Amr Elrawi,

Director, Marketing Strategy,


Sara Kassam,

Sustainability Advisor,

UK Sport

Abigail Martin,

Director, Sustainability & Development Projects,

Euroleague Basketball

Ashley Shaner,

Vice President, Strategy & Operations,

Seven League

Garrett Wong,

Sustainable Events Specialist,

Meet Green

Dan Reading,

Head of Sustainability,

Right Formula

Chris Gratton,

Managing Director, UK,

Ticketmaster Sport

Ania Shefford,

Director, Brands,


Kristen Fulmer,

Head of Sustainability,

Oak View Group

Tazeen Syed,

Digital Partnerships Manager,

TEAM Marketing AG

Richard Dickson,

Co-Founder & Head of Engagement,

Play It Green

Katrina Galas,

Principal Consultant, Sport, Sustainability & Purpose Strategy,

In Common Consulting

Danielle Berman,

Founder & CEO,

Tackle What’s Next


Kim Mejnert-Frydensbjerg,

Head of Events,

Wonderful Copenhagen

Claire Poole,

Founder & CEO,

Sport Positive Summit

Aileen McManamon,

Founder & Managing Partner,

5T Sports

Matthew Campelli,


The Sustainability Report

Simon Chadwick,

Professor of Sport and Geopolitical Economy,

Skema Business School

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