2023 winning pitches

Challenge 1 Winners

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Putting themselves in the shoes of an Olympic Games TOP Partner, the students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences came up with innovative floating units which would serve as the Athlete Village during the 2036 Olympics and then to become property for Copenhagen residents once the event has concluded.

Challenge 2 Winners

Leeds Beckett University

The students’ solution involved the reconstruction of one of 28 designated low-income neighbourhoods, the Mjolnerparken estate, into affordable yet environmentally sustainable housing for low-income families. Alongside the housing would stand sustainable apartment blocks used to house athletes during the Olympics, converted into student housing to help solve the deficit of university student homes.

Challenge 3 Winners

Columbia University

The students from Columbia University proposed an innovative concept: gamifying the process of reducing plastic waste. Consumers are rewarded with points for using a reusable water bottle. The points accumulated can then be used to claim public transport tickets, ebikes/scooter rentals and more.